Tweeting Tattle Pains Kajol!  

Tweeting Tattle Pains Kajol!

After SRK, it's his svelte star who earned a note of negativity… and twitter is presently giving the heebie jeebies to Kajol. Reportedly, a tweet from an account labelled '@kajolnysa' has proved to be the fountainhead of worry.

The tweet said, "@ all mumbaikars, Dont worry people, even chengez khan cant stop MNIK release, relax and let all your positive energy flow here."

Refuting the allegation, a distressed Kajol voiced her sentiments to the scribe tribe stating, "Those comments on twitter are NOT me. It is a fake ID. I have not commented on Twitter on any issues. I am not on Twitter."

Hubby Ajay Devgn, tweeting cannily from October 29, 2009, confirms her stance. His tweet declares,"Those comments on Twitter are not of Kajol. Its a fake id. Kajol has not commented on any issues and she is not on Twitter."

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